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Our Leaders

Pastor Melvin and Lady Denise have evangelized for the past 33 years from city to city throughout New Jersey, New York, Baltimore, and other States, preaching and ministering to literally hundreds of people the message of Salvation, Hope, and Deliverance. Pastor Melvin and Lady Denise believes that preachers in the ministry must have a burden for the lost and they should get involved in the community. Pastor Melvin is a gifted preacher with the ability to tell the gospel story that a child can understand. Pastor Melvin has hosted various religious radio programs; such as "The Word of Truth Ministries which aired for five years on WIMG 1300 AM, "Restoration and Power Ministries" for one year on WTTM 520 AM, WIFI 920 AM, and "Greater is He Deliverance Ministries" on WIMG 1300 AM. You can presently watch Pastor Melvin every Monady evening on channel 24 on the Comcast Network with is broadcast called "Kingdom Precepts". Pastor Fleming is the author of various books he has two sons and two grandchildren. On October 15th 2009. Pastor Melvin became the senior pastor of the New Bethel Kingdom Faith Ministries, Inc., in Ewing, New Jersey. Pastor Melvin is a man reaching destiny and fulfilling purpose all for the glory of God.

Our Beliefs

  1. We believe that the process of becoming a disciple of Jesus involves: faith, repentance, belief, water baptism, prayer, ongoing learning about the Christian life, regular worship, and participation in activities that utilize one’s spiritual gifts for ministry.

  2. We value the Bible as the inspired Word of God from which Christians learn about God’s truths.

  3. We believe in the importance of stewardship of time, talents, treasures, and the earth’s resources as a sign of a mature Christian faith.

  4. We believe that evangelism is the role of every Christian.


In a close congregational such as ours where everybody knows your name. We place top value on family life. And being a member of New Bethel Kingdom Faith family is very important to a healthy church and a healthy church touches the community.  To develop and transfer vision in the small family-type church, you must focus your efforts on building credible relationship with the primary influencer(s) to the place where they will permit you to come along side them and together discover God’s vision for their church.

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